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Lodging Options for Dog Owners


You're planning a vacation very soon with your family, but you have a pup who needs to come with you. For some families, this can be a frustrating situation, while others will love bringing their dog. Whatever the case, you need to find dog-friendly lodging to help improve your vacation as much as possible.


Dog-friendly places to stay help you take your favorite pup with you wherever you go on vacation. For some people and families, a dog is just as much a member as a child or a grandparent. As a result, taking this pet isn't just a way to avoid pet hotels but a way to enhance the total vacation experience.


So if you're a dog owner, please contact us at The Villa Bed and Breakfast today to see if we have any dog-friendly lodging options for you. We serve Tacoma, WA and provide one of the area's most friendly and respected places where you can stay while on vacation with yourself or with family members.

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