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Should You Choose a Cheap Hotel?


You're planning a vacation soon and have been sizing up the different hotel options for your family. However, you think you may want to save a little bit of money this year and rent the cheapest place that you can find. Is this choice a good one, or are you merely selling your family's fun short?


Unfortunately, this option is typically the wrong choice for a variety of reasons. Cheaper motels often suffer from issues that others do not, such as insect infestations, poor insulation, uncomfortable bedding, and much more. And if you're taking your children, they'll be unimpressed.


Lastly, staying in a cheap hotel is no fun if you plan on relaxing at any point at your lodging option. For example, most of these cheap destinations don't have amenities like wifi, hot tubs, pools, or even a simple breakfast option. As a result, you should typically spend a little more money.

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