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Tacoma is a beautiful place, and The Villa Bed and Breakfast gives you a wonderful taste of the Tacoma life and atmosphere. Our gorgeous, Italian style villas give our guests a unique experience they can’t get from most other bed and breakfast destinations in the region, and our staff always goes above and beyond the regular standards for customer care and attentiveness.

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Tacoma, WA 

About us

Busy couples and parents often have little choice but to schedule staycations to get away from work for a while. A staycation is when you stay at a hotel in your hometown and let loose a little. One great way that you can enhance this situation is to rent a bed and breakfast room instead of a traditional hotel.


This option is an excellent choice over a traditional hotel for several reasons. First of all, you can get more specialized care in a smaller and more intimate environment. As a result, you can feel more like you're on vacation rather than merely renting a hotel room in your hometown.


So if you want to schedule a staycation in the near future, seriously consider a bed and breakfast room. This staying option will provide you with many benefits that you can't ignore, such as comfortable bedding, a great breakfast, and a friendly atmosphere that is hard to beat.

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The Villa Bed and Breakfast

The Best Bed And Breakfast in Tacoma, WA


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